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November 18, 2021

How To Win

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Synthetic urine is used by many people to pass drug tests. However, it is becoming harder and harder to pass drug tests using it because drug testing companies are constantly coming up with new ways to beat it. Apart from strict supervision during the test making it harder for a person to substitute his or her urine with fake urine, labs also have come up with new tests that can detect whether the urine originated from a human body or not.
However, all is not lost. You can still pass your drug test using synthetic urine. The only things you need to know when using fake urine is if it is the best course of action when it is not, and the best brand to use. There are other things to have in mind too. In this article, we have listed a number of factors to consider when deciding whether to use synthetic urine or not, the best places to hide the urine, and also, we will answer the question on what is the best synthetic urine? Does fake urine work?

The first question we are going to answer is whether fake urine works. The answer to this question is yes, synthetic urine works. This type of urine has a number of properties that make it suitable for use in passing a drug test. For instance, it is toxin free and it has all the markers that labs use to calibrate their testing equipment. However, the testing process is more complicated nowadays and using synthetic urine may not always work. But if you use a trusted brand known for producing high-quality products and avoid the low-quality stuff, all will be well for you. We are going to highlight four key factors to consider before opting for synthetic urine.
Factors to consider before using synthetic urine

Using synthetic urine to simulate real urine in a drug test is a viable option, but not in all tests. Here are some factors to consider before using fake urine in a drug test:

1. The first factor to consider is whether your test is supervised or not. If it is not supervised, then you can use synthetic urine.

2. Consider if it is supervised but you know very well that they will not force you to pull down your pants and check if you are carrying any pee from outside. However, these days’ thorough body searches are conducted before you are allowed to pee because many people beat urine tests in the past due to synthetic urine. Therefore, make sure that the supervision is not that strict before using synthetic urine.

3. Another factor to consider is the brand of fake urine to use. Only use a trusted and reliable brand. There are many brands of synthetic urine that either does not work or used to work but the labs have now caught up with them. Remember that with new technology and advanced testing equipment, labs nowadays easily detect if urine is genuine or synthetic. Therefore, by using low-quality products, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of being caught.

4. Another factor to consider is if you are sure that passing the test without synthetic urine is impossible. This is especially when you used huge amounts of drugs the previous day and you know that however much you try to detox before the test, you will not be successful.
If the factors mentioned above fit you and your situation, then you are free to consider synthetic urine. The urine may work for you and you may pass the test without any issues. However, if they do not fit your situation, consider detoxing through THC detox and then use your real urine.
Places to hide synthetic urine in a supervised test

Purchasing synthetic urine is easy, but successfully using it in a supervised drug test is no piece of cake. Below are some ideas of where you can hide it during a test:

– Inside your vagina because no one will look there.

– Wear dual under wears and hide the bag between them.

– Wear a special synthetic pee belt above your navel and hide it there.

– Strap a bag to your inner thigh and hide it there.

– Wear a sports bra and a loose shirt if you are a female and hide it there.
Below is a list of some of the best synthetic urine brands:

– Quick Fix

– Purine

– Sub-Solution


There you go. Now you can walk into that drug test confident knowing that synthetic urine has got you covered.

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